Thursday, February 21, 2008

Soul Mate: the Path to Integration and Wholeness

The Quest for the "Soul Mate" relationship is the outer expression of an inner quest for a felt sense of integration and wholeness by the psyche/soul.

Our "inner reality" is represented by our outer experience in the world. Thus, the Soul's quest leads us down a path that brings people and circumstances into our outer reality to show us where to look to do our "inner" work.

The search for the Soul Mate reveals the soul's desire for a felt sense of integration and wholeness. The method for integrating "wounded" or disassociated aspects of self involves an inner alchemy that is "played out" in physical reality.

For each disassociated or wounded aspect to be integrated it needs its divine compliment to be mirrored before it. By "entrainment" this wounded aspect is "healed" or integrated into unity. Entrainment is the passing on of knowledge or qualities/states of being activated by matching the vibration, rhythm and pace of the mentoring source. In the psyche this is accomplished by being exposed to "healthy" integrated aspects of self mirrored by another.

When we are exposed to others who have a healthy integrated psyche, or relationship, or exhibit traits that we aspire to, we are drawn to those people and soak up the example they emanate. The good news is that we don't have to wait to find someone who will mirror for us what we need for integration. All we need is awareness on what aspects are wounded or disassociated, desiring integration, and "work" with these in a conscious way.

The "work" involves identifying the aspects of self we are focusing on and then consciously imagining the "divine" example, or fullest expression of these aspects and striving to emulate these. Add to this a sense of "embodying" the divine expression of these aspects, not giving thought about if we are falling-short in the effort, adding also an acceptance of our "god-given" ability to feel into our divinity and make it part of our every-day expression.

Thus, we create an intention and -imagining what it feels like- give permission for our desire to manifest in our felt sense of self. In this way its possible to feed wounded or disassociated aspects of your self and reach a felt sense of integration and wholeness. And when a soul mate does show up you'll be present as an integrated self, bringing your authentic whole being to the relationship and enjoying the beauty, inspiration, and grace such presence brings.

Sunyata Satchitananda