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Sexual Healing: Internal Pelvic Release

Sexual Healing with Internal Pelvic Release

In Sexual Healing sessions, it is sometimes advisable that the Internal Pelvic Release procedure would be beneficial to the client’s progress in releasing stored and blocked energies. Internal Pelvic Release provides an opportunity to release and open “energy knots” (emotional-physical contractions) often stored in the pelvis, vagina and anus area. After thorough discussion and consideration of the Internal Pelvic Release procedure, informed consent is reached, allowing the session to proceed.
Sasha & Janet Lessin

Internal Pelvic Release procedure is one where the “yoni” (vagina) receives gentle probing, looking for places in the vaginal walls that are unresponsive, “numb,” or have some discomfort to touch. These locations inside the body often contain strong emotion associated with past wounding or trauma. The method used is reflective of Myofascial Release or Visceral Manipulation “light touch” alternative healing therapies.

Reasons for seeking Sexual Healing with Internal Pelvic Release

Due to rampant misogyny present in many cultures around the world, many if not most, women have experienced physical abuse, sexual trauma, rape, and/or molestation—as well as frequent episodes of mental and emotional abuse. More common are subtle forms of abuse that make women feel pressured to submit or accommodate the sexual gratification of their husband or lover when they don’t desire sex or aren’t fully open to sexual engagement. All of these circumstances produce contractions and restrictions of a woman’s energy and can create emotional-physical “knots” that reside in physical locations of the body.

The overwhelming, “bad experience” is stored in body-memory tissue located usually in the vagina, pelvis and/or anus areas of the body. These knots have the affect of clamping down a woman’s full enjoyment of sexual engagement and can create unresponsive or numb areas of the body. These energy-knots often affect sexual desire as well. Women who experience this condition may compensate or ignore their feelings of disconnect, numbness, pain or anger and “just go-along” with their husband or lover’s request for sex—further compounding their condition. This certainly takes a toll on a relationship—slowly eroding the intimacy and freedom of sexual expression she feels.

Internal Pelvic Release (a.k.a. “Yoni Healing”) is an important asset in sexual healing for women. To experience the full effect of flowing sexual energy it is essential that the energetic pathways of the body be prepared, clear and open. When this is the case, women feel empowered and free in their sexual expression and embodiment of Shakti (Divine Feminine) energy. They feel “lighter,” more enlivened, and experience expanded sensual sensitivity and orgasmic response to their lover’s attention. * additional article: Sacred Intimacy & Sexual Healing

IPR Procedure

  • The following description is for information purposes only and is not intended to completely equip anyone to perform this procedure. Anyone interested in performing the Internal Pelvic Release procedure should not attempt it without previously receiving personal instruction and guidance by an experienced teacher-practitioner.
  • No part of the Internal Pelvic Release procedure is meant to treat or cure disease—or replace regular medical practice or prescribed treatment by a physician.
  • Before beginning an IPR session it is important to have first had a thorough discussion about the procedure that allows the recipient to fully consider her options and authentically settle on, and approve, receiving the IPR procedure.
To create a holistic healing opportunity there first needs to be a sense of “space” (detachment or “neutrality”) around the issues causing contraction that are embedded like a memory in the body. Before beginning the IPR procedure, gently discuss past abuse, trauma, and emotional wounding with an intention of creating deeper understanding and achieving a measure of detachment. Encourage a perspective that holds the intention of releasing the contracted energy and emotion while opening to healing and restoring wholeness. With this accomplished, the physical aspect of the procedure has greater impact and is welcomed by the body.

To prepare the body, a full-body sensual massage is given. It is essential to deeply relax the body so its unconscious “armoring” (emotional-physical clenching/contracting) is lowered and energy is flowing more easily. Tantric energy skills are employed to open the energy pathways of the body in preparation for the energy flow that follows. Only when the body is readied in this manner will the Internal Pelvic Release procedure be affective.

Internal Pelvic Release

During the conversation discussing the IPR procedure, an important subject to cover is STD/STI (sexually transmitted disease or infection) exposures. Resulting from this discussion, and/or client preference, the healing facilitator may find it necessary to wear medical gloves to protect against STD/STI transmission. Medical gloves, while providing protection, also diminish detection sensitivity—so after frank and honest discussion, if the health history of the client (and healing facilitator) is clear, both parties might reasonably conclude that gloves are not necessary for the IPR procedure.

After sensually massaging the body, it is very important for the healing facilitator to ask permission before engaging the yoni. The woman receiving this procedure must feel completely at-choice, with nothing being “taken” from her nor having to submit to something she is not desiring or ready for. Ask permission and receive her verbal “yes” and then wait for her yoni to also “say yes” by its feel—open, receptive, welcoming.

The exterior of the yoni receives a sensual massage that is intended to relax the yoni and open her to receiving deeper contact and vaginal penetration. Signs the yoni is ready include: feels warm to hot, engorged tissue/lips, erect clitoris, abundance of fluids present. If the yoni is not responding, don’t force, push, or try to make something happen. Likely, there are emotions, judgments, or memories preventing her from relaxing or being a complete “yes.” Go slow and, through inquiry and counseling, be sensitive to making sure the emotional body is in alignment with the physical body and the woman’s intention to release, open, and heal.

When the yoni is prepared and ready to be entered and the healing facilitator receives consent to enter the yoni, do so with one finger (lubricated) and slowly, softly, gently probe the vaginal walls for areas of tightness, tenderness, soreness, or pain. When such areas are encountered, a gentle but firm pressure is applied (without “rubbing” or creating friction) merely meeting the contracted spot with firm-but-gentle pressure that equals the firmness of the contraction without trying to force it to release.

An adept healing facilitator will be able to energetically sense the contracted or “knotted” locations and bring his focus of energy while placing subtle pressure to that spot. The woman receiving is invited to focus her awareness on this location and “breath-into” it with the intention of allowing release, opening, healing to occur.

The physical process is reflective of Myofascial Release or Visceral Manipulation “light touch” therapies. The practitioner will hold gentle, consistent pressure until there is a release in the tissue. As the the vaginal wall tissue releases, there is a definite feeling of softening and opening that occurs—including an opening of energetic flow (often producing spontaneous undulations or spasms of pleasure). The release can often be accompanied by vocalization of strong emotion, sobbing tears, and/or physical reactions of shaking and sweating.

After one area is addressed, thoroughly “canvass” the rest of the yoni wall and address additional locations where energy knots occur—providing a “clearing” of the yoni. It is often necessary to receive more than one session for complete clearing to occur.

A Different Touch

The Internal Pelvic Release procedure is not designed to be sexual or provoke orgasm, although orgasms can occur during the procedure. In addition, the release associated with IPR is different from invoking female ejaculation. IPR and the sensual massage included with it is a touch that employs therapeutically applied erotic energy, transferring the intention of wholeness, complete acceptance, and well being.

The IPR procedure will contact tender, sensitive, and sometimes painful areas of tight, clenched tissue or muscle in the stomach, yoni and anus area. This touch is gentle—meeting the “tightness” with equal presence without resistance. The touch of IPR is meant to feel loving, supportive, and healing and promotes relaxation and welcoming of touch to this area —releasing any armoring or stiffness or numbness felt in the pelvis or genitals.

Benefits of Internal Pelvic Release

Enjoying sexual experience requires a woman’s sexual energy to flow freely without inhibition or contraction. The energy knots addressed by the IPR procedure are responsible for decreased sexual enjoyment and reduced ability to be present and feel sexual experience fully. By freeing these areas of the body from contraction it allows for the free-flow of sexual energy through the three lower “Chakras” (energy centers) in the body.

The Chakras are esoteric non-physical energy centers associated with areas of the body. These energy centers function as processors, transformers and distributors of energy to physically correlated organs, glands, and nerves in the body.

MuladharaThe Root Chakra (Sanskrit: Muladhara, located at the end of the tail-bone, represented by the perineum) is connected to one’s relationship with community, family, survival, feeling grounded and connected to Mother Earth Gaia. It is through this source all our material-physical manifestations come from; procreation/creation. The Root Chakra is said to be the dwelling place of dormant sexual energy.

SwadhisthanaThe Sacral Chakra (Sanskrit: Swadhisthana) is associated with the pelvis and genitals of the body and is connected to sexual expression and embodying “Shakti” (divine feminine energy) resulting in a sensuality of being. The Sacral Chakra is also associated with Eros, vital force, inspiration, creative spark, strong emotion, vitality, and vibrancy of life.

ManipuraThe Solar Chakra (Sanskrit: Manipura) is connected to personal power and the ability to manifest one’s dreams or intentions. The Solar Chakra is located about three fingers below the sternum’s end on the rib cage and is associated with the stomach. If you experience unusual tightness in the stomach area, cramping, bloating, or elimination issues, you might have Solar Chakra issues activated. Clearing this Chakra empowers one’s life with confidence, clear intention and ability to manifest one’s goals and desires.

By clearing these three Chakras from blockages, contractions and restrictions life becomes filled with vibrant energy, sensuality, confidence, and tremendous expanded erotic and orgasmic ability.


Completing the procedure involves holding space and staying present without trying to fix anything or stop any emotion from being expressed or released. The healing facilitator can offer support with his presence, eye-contact, holding hands, embracing the receiver as desired -or not- by her. Gentle, long strokes to the body are often welcomed. One hand present at the yoni (exterior) in support of releasing and integrating the energy can feel supportive and soothing. The other hand may gently stroke the body aura to bring the energy up and out through the body—onto whatever energetic disbursement Spirit’s wisdom has in store for it. Sometimes the receiver can become cold at this time, so it is good to have a blanket or sheet available. Compression squeezes through the covering are often welcomed—feeling deeply cared for and nurtured and warm.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Male Sacred Intimate: Sexual Healer -Facilitator of Integration and Wholeness

I am a Man serving as a Sacred Intimate (Daka, Sexual Healer). I’ve worked as a carpenter, insurance inspector, photographer, TV station manager, and Development Director so you might wonder how did I come to be one who engages sexual energy with the intention of healing, shifting, releasing and opening energy blockages consisting of: emotional wounds, judgment, shame, powerlessness, low self-esteem and inexperience.

My path to becoming a Sacred Intimate started when I was pursuing a fine art photographer career. I created fine art nude-in-nature imagery which was well received and published in several issues of FOCUS magazine and shown at Photo San Francisco. The women who posed for me weren’t professional models and for many it was their first time to be photographed unclothed. I was professional and respectful, making sure they were comfortable, warm, and at-ease. Many of these women had remarkable responses to seeing their beauty portrayed in fine art imagery. From these experiences I yearned to be able to positively affect a woman’s self-esteem and realization of her beauty and innate divinity -however I had no idea what form that service might be.

I began studying Tantra and sacred sexuality. It was here that I found a basis for understanding sexuality and the dynamic of male-female energy engagement. This took me to a higher possibility for sexual engagement and created a container that supported transcendence within sexual relationship. Through my own process of healing, opening, and releasing my “blocks” to wholeness and integration I was able to reach a place within where I could serve the women in my life with similar processing, education, and coaching.

Eventually I met and began a relationship with, a woman who was serving as a Sacred Intimate (Dakini). Through her introduction and example, I was presented with the form my service could take. I desired formal certification to become a “Daka” and found a teacher for that purpose. I became certified as a Tantric Healer and started offering sexual healing sessions soon thereafter.

Before I began giving sessions as a Daka I went through a period of deep introspection, contemplating my motivation for serving in this capacity. Was I doing this to “get dates?” Was there some sexual gratification in the process for me? How did I feel about serving women I wasn’t attracted to? Would I serve men too? What were my boundaries, what was I willing/not willing to provide in a session?

My fears came up: Did I know enough, would I be good enough? Would I be able to fulfill the client’s expectations for the session? Could I keep my emotional “distance” and not become enmeshed/entangled with a client’s feelings or circumstances? Fortunately, I discovered, fears are always worse than what is actually experienced. My sessions were perfect, each a lesson in relaxing into being present and holding space without a personal agenda -which is a large part of my service as a Daka.

One of the big questions was: Would I serve Men? At first, I was disinclined because I am heterosexual, but then realized I was perpetuating my own homophobic fears. So, I remained open and after several gay or bisexual men contacted me for sessions I decided to give it a try. This process was perfect because it made me take another, closer, look at the purpose of the sessions I offer. For me, sessions are about healing and integration and realizing one’s divinity and higher awareness of being and not merely for the client’s sexual gratification. I realized that I was uncomfortable with providing “directed release” (a.k.a. “a happy ending”) as an expectation in the session. With either men or women, orgasms can happen, but they are not the goal of the session. I teach meditation and breathing techniques and energy awareness which combine to produce an expanded understanding and experience of orgasm when it occurs -and give men the option of not ejaculating but retaining the energy and moving it up through their body for an expanded experience.

So why do men and women come to see me in sexual healing sessions?

My sessions focus on sexual healing, releasing, opening and clearing energy blockages stemming from past trauma, emotional wounds, judgments, shame, powerlessness, and messages prompting low self-esteem. These blocks take the form of “hot spots” of tension stored in the body at various locations -often in the first or second Chakra area. Both men and women carry these blockages and both benefit from being consciously touched with loving, accepting, nurturing energy. By being present and providing loving touch, an opportunity is presented for the stored energy to shift, move, open, and release as a result of the intention for healing and integration held by the client. I gently steward our session and provide a safe and sacred container for such releases to occur.

Another reason men and women have sessions with me is due to the profound absence in our culture for healthy modeling of masculine attributes that support holistic growth and integration in the psyche. Women experience a double dose of discouragement when trying to grow into integrated wholeness by receiving healthy masculine modeling. There are very limited positive resources to model one’s inner masculine after and when women do assert masculine aspects they are often demeaned as a “bitch” or “dyke” by immature male egos.

Men likewise have scant resources for such modeling, and often receive their “training in being a man” from their father, grandfather, older brothers, uncles, superiors at work, or religious leaders -many of whom are emotional-adolescents themselves! Sessions with me give one the opportunity to explore healthy male energy that does not have an agenda for personal fulfillment or egoic gain.

A third aspect of sessions with me centers on healthy unconditional acceptance and touch. Many people do not have a resource for this in their life. And there seems to always be an attachment of expectation for reciprocal treatment -at the least- or worse, a one-way “using” of the other for sexual gratification. Women especially, report feeling like their husbands are just using their body to “get off” and don’t feel “seen” or felt as being present with -during sex.

I provide present, unconditionally loving acceptance and touch to whomever is before me -loving their body in all its shapes, sizes, colors, ages, and forms. For some people, my touch is the only experience of loving acceptance their body has had since they were very young. Sessions with me are often among one’s first steps towards body acceptance and better self-esteem.

Another significant category of client are women who have chosen to be celibate for one reason or another. These women often choose to experiment with male energy in a safe and sacred container, knowing nothing is expected of them in return and they can relax into positive male energy and maintain their choice of celibacy.

Men clients come to see me for many of the same reasons women do. Men have also experienced trauma, emotional wounding, and abuse and desire a safe container to release blockages of judgment, shame, powerlessness, guilt and low self-esteem. Whatever their sexual orientation, positive male energy is invaluable to experience and incorporate in one's life and men find their time with me to be nurturing and supportive in this way. Also, some heterosexual men desire to experiment with male energy in a safe and sacred container without the expectation of sex. I provide a positive engagement that meets this desire without judgment or pressure for sex.

What happens in a session with me?
Many clients are nervous in the beginning of their first session. Quickly that releases as one feels my presence, unconditional love and open listening which fosters trust and shifts the experience into relaxed confidence. I spend a significant amount of time counseling and coaching, which brings conscious awareness to personal and relationship challenges and a higher possibility for sexual engagement. I ask clients to share with me their intention and desire for our time together and what part of their story which seems relevant to our session. We discuss their intention, desires and concerns and I ask them to hold these lightly during our session and see what wants to shift, open, release, and integrate.

Because energy blocks are accepted into our being through a process that goes from the more subtle etheric bodies (intellectually, emotionally, spiritually) into the density of the physical body (and gets lodged there in “storage”). The process to release such blocks includes a similar pathway. I co-create with the client an opportunity for shifting or release by bringing a higher-consciousness to the underlying emotional and psychological issues attached to the blockage. Then I engage the body through breathing techniques, movement and massage to activate the specific areas harboring these blockages.

To get to the state where a shift or release can happen the body must be deeply relaxed, where armoring defenses are inactive. The quality of touch conveyed during the massage is one of unconditional love and acceptance, nurturing wholeness and well-being. There is no salacious “getting-off” energy part of this process, I am merely bringing the opposite of: judgment, fear, shame, and guilt to these sensitive areas of the body -and holding space for whatever wants to happen to occur.

I begin the session with a “centering” exercise using eye-gazing and breathing. I often follow this time with some core-connected “meditative movement” -a slow “dance” of stretching and moving our bodies to aid in embedding the new consciousness discussed earlier in the session. This is followed by a full-body sensual massage that includes the entirety of the body.

A full body sensuous massage includes the “private areas” of the body. For these areas, I ask permission first, and then wait for the body to also say “yes.” For the yoni (vagina), it is a three-step process. First, permission is received to start engagement with the yoni exterior, then when that is complete, permission is granted to enter the yoni for the interior release process, and third, permission to engage the sacred spot (another area that often carries shame, judgment, and fear). Each step is given respectful pause and consideration so that the woman feels completely at-choice and that nothing is being “taken” from her in the massage.

The massage is followed by a period of “completion” where I simply hold space and stay present to the venting or releasing that has occurred. If the client is open to it I eye-gaze with them for a bit to connect (sometimes however, the client desires to “go within” and close their eyes for a while) and we might hold hands or with my hand to their heart, so there is no abrupt ending to the session.

I also offer follow up counseling/coaching by phone or email for what may come up during the days/weeks that follow the session. Many clients benefit from repeat sessions which clear more blockages and allow for further integration and a return to a sense of wholeness and well-being.

Sessions for couples.
I feel humbly blessed to be trusted by a couple who are revealing their relationship’s challenges and desires. Couples often have issues around sexuality and intimacy and it is wonderful to experience the “ah-hah” moments where consciously connecting-the-dots creates a shift or opening that allows more love to shine through. I use a process of bringing consciousness to challenging aspects of relationship followed by integration with movement, breathing and massage to create a higher possibility for the couple’s love to deepen and intimacy to be felt .

Often couples come for sexual enhancement and also end up learning advanced sensitivity and communication skills and/or ways of bringing presence and consciousness to their relationship more fully. For many couples, sessions include discussion, coaching, education, demonstration, and body integration which I initiate and also teach them to do with each other. In addition, I offer sessions co-facilitated with a Dakini, Kali Devi, for those who are more comfortable with a couple leading the session.

As more women become apprised of the opportunity to grow into fullness by releasing blockages of energy through Sacred Intimate sessions our culture will begin to heal itself more rapidly. As men become more sensitive to the higher possibility of masculine/feminine integration and appreciation of their feminine aspect they will find eager support from women who share the desire for higher possibility in relationship and the social evolution of our species. Sacred Intimates, male and female, lead in this endeavor and provide opportunities for individuals and couples to expand in love and self-integration for a more holistic experience of life and love.

Please join me September 12-14th 2008 at Harbin Hot Springs in northern California for the World Polyamory Conference where I will be facilitating a workshop entitled: The Sacred Intimate: Agents of Love and Light. Also, please visit my web site to read more information about my sacred service offerings and to be notified of the release of my book “Love, Sex & Consciousness: a Handbook for the Aquarian Age” -coming soon. I am also accepting new clients, so please contact me with your desire for a session.

Love and Light,
Sunyata Satchitananda

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Holding Space

Holding Space for someone means staying engaged and present with them while they undergo a process of self-inquiry and discovery of truth. The process can often be a rough one that includes emotional releases and a potential for volatile reactions.

To be the holder-of-the-space is an opportunity to see the divine unfold before you in new and dynamic ways. Its important to avoid feeding the wounded "pain-body" energy which often accompanies emotional releases. Don't take personally the emotion present. Support the higher consciousness as it appears with healthful words of encouragement and/or affirmation. When it is asked for, you might also provide comfort by holding hands or embracing -allowing the contact to flow undirected by you.

Often the energy turns downward in vibration, seeking its previous familiarity-with-discomfort. When you hold the higher-consciousness up as the higher potential you are like a light-house beacon that radiates the light of truth that releases the hold of the shadow in that moment. Clarity of focus returns and the process continues until completion.

Holding space in this manner often includes setting the example and pace with deep breathing -without "instructing"-merely gently encouraging (tactfully, without verbalizing if possible).

You may feel compelled to engage with the person having the process. Bring gentleness and consciousness to your engagement using loving words. Realizing that the person before you is experiencing a process that can be difficult to bear without emotional releases. Radiate Love to this person before you. Say what comes from your heart and don't engage with attempts to hook you into feeding the "pain-body" with heated emotional release.

You'll know when the space is no longer wanting to be held. Some deep, cleansing breaths are good to do at that time. Hugs seem to be a must-do. *smile*

Celebrate the higher consciousness and greater clarity.
Receive appreciation for your clear, strong, holding-of-space.

Recognize the divine in all that has transpired.
Love one another.

Sunyata Satchitananda

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Divine Union - Peace in Our Garden

Here is a piece from the channeled book: "I Remember Union: the Story of Mary Magdalena" by Flo Calhoun
You can also hear me read this passage on my new voice blog entry on Snapvine:

I'm including it in my blog because, to me, it represents a prophesy of integration and unity. And this is where we are all heading in our personal evolution/ascension process. We need new prophesies and new understandings of old ones to lead us to this higher possibility of integration and wholeness -relating as divines...


There will be among all the people the peace of a million years of dreaming.

And it will come to pass that there will be no separation.

The people will rise together, young and old, female and male, and there will be equality.

And all nations shall be as stars shining from the same sky with the same intention: to light the way for mankind.

The days shall number years and millenniums, and it will come to pass that these moments are all the same, simultaneous.

Then all the knowledge and all the words of learning will be reborn into the awareness, and all will be understood.

The questions will be answered, the meanings known.

And there will be no more aloneness, for the people will reach out from their souls and their hearts.

And their visions will be of unity, truth, and order.

The ways of mankind will become the ways of the angels, and there will be the coming together of all ages in one moment.

And the learnings will at last be clear.

The people shall rejoice and dance within, and all the kingdoms shall rise together, as if from the mist of the dreams of humanity, and forge a union with the divine.

The way shall be lighted with the truth from the spheres.

And man shall join woman in the final dance of alchemy.

All despair shall be lifted and transformed into the rainbow of peace.

There shall be no war, no famine, and no pestilence.

For the Lord and the Goddess shall merge-and the night and the day.

All of the forces shall come together to signal the end and the beginning.

The belief of duality will be laid to rest, and all dichotomy shall pass away.

The people will remember and search no more.

Their feet and their hands, their hearts and their souls, shall merge within and without.

The microcosm shall become the macrocosm.

The moments shall merge to be experienced as time standing still.

Each moment shall embrace all desire and all need, fulfilling their greatest longings.

There will be no loss or abandonment, for all will be made known.

The Father and the Mother shall join hands across the sky, embracing all their children in the crystal light of being.

And they will rest forever,the children, in the bosoms of truth and love, and all else will pass away.

And so it is written.

And so it is.

Peace in our garden.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Soul Mate: the Path to Integration and Wholeness

The Quest for the "Soul Mate" relationship is the outer expression of an inner quest for a felt sense of integration and wholeness by the psyche/soul.

Our "inner reality" is represented by our outer experience in the world. Thus, the Soul's quest leads us down a path that brings people and circumstances into our outer reality to show us where to look to do our "inner" work.

The search for the Soul Mate reveals the soul's desire for a felt sense of integration and wholeness. The method for integrating "wounded" or disassociated aspects of self involves an inner alchemy that is "played out" in physical reality.

For each disassociated or wounded aspect to be integrated it needs its divine compliment to be mirrored before it. By "entrainment" this wounded aspect is "healed" or integrated into unity. Entrainment is the passing on of knowledge or qualities/states of being activated by matching the vibration, rhythm and pace of the mentoring source. In the psyche this is accomplished by being exposed to "healthy" integrated aspects of self mirrored by another.

When we are exposed to others who have a healthy integrated psyche, or relationship, or exhibit traits that we aspire to, we are drawn to those people and soak up the example they emanate. The good news is that we don't have to wait to find someone who will mirror for us what we need for integration. All we need is awareness on what aspects are wounded or disassociated, desiring integration, and "work" with these in a conscious way.

The "work" involves identifying the aspects of self we are focusing on and then consciously imagining the "divine" example, or fullest expression of these aspects and striving to emulate these. Add to this a sense of "embodying" the divine expression of these aspects, not giving thought about if we are falling-short in the effort, adding also an acceptance of our "god-given" ability to feel into our divinity and make it part of our every-day expression.

Thus, we create an intention and -imagining what it feels like- give permission for our desire to manifest in our felt sense of self. In this way its possible to feed wounded or disassociated aspects of your self and reach a felt sense of integration and wholeness. And when a soul mate does show up you'll be present as an integrated self, bringing your authentic whole being to the relationship and enjoying the beauty, inspiration, and grace such presence brings.

Sunyata Satchitananda

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Homo Novus -the New Man: Divine-Masculine

OSHO on the New Man:
"The old concept of man was of either/or; materialist or spiritualist, moral or immoral, sinner or saint. It was based on division, split... Only a whole man can celebrate. Celebration is the fragrance of being whole...

The new man will not be either/or; he will be both/and...earthy and divine, worldly and other worldly. The new man will accept his totality and he will live it without any inner division, he will not be split... He will transcend duality...With the new man will come a new world, because the new man will perceive in a qualitatively different way and he will live a totally different life which has not been lived yet. He will be a mystic, a poet, a scientist, all together. He will not choose; he will be choicelessly himself...

He will be Zorba the Greek and also Gautam the Buddha: the new man will be Zorba the Buddha. He will be sensuous and spiritual, physical, in the body, in the senses, enjoying the body...and still a great consciousness. The old is on its deathbed. The death of the old will be the beginning of the new. Help the new to be born...with the new is the future of the whole of humanity. The new has to be brought in."

The New Man is appearing. He has been emerging for many years and is finally coming out of the closet. The success-driven patriarchal macho-asshole man of previous generations is giving way to a much more balanced expression of the masculine gender -one that reveals an integration of body-and-soul, sacred and profane, a Divine-Human (a He-moon) being.

The New Man is expressing more Divine Masculine aspects, connecting with the higher vibrations of being, thinking and speaking. These "divine" aspects are in harmony with the feminine, not in competition with her. They are also in harmony with our environment and ecology. The new man embodies divinity, giving full expression of the divine through the body in all its forms of communication, engagement and connection.

The New Man is about cooperation (not competition), acceptance (not judgment), transpersonally serving (not self-serving), attunes with the feminine (not intimidates her), nurtures spirit's presence (not destroys natural beauty).

Please join me in supporting this on-going shift in our culture to a new paradigm male expression. As you see such men emerging, please support them on their path with encouragement and acknowledgment for their shift of consciousness.

If you would like to find out more about the New Man please visit my web site or Facebook Page.

Love and Light,

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Transpersonal Service -what does it mean?

A growing awareness of the "transpersonal" aspect of our psyche and how it relates to our personal engagement with "others" and life in general -informs Sacred Intimate service and facilitates appreciation and easefull engagement:
: Transcending or reaching beyond the personal or individual.

The term Transpersonal is often used to refer to psychological categories that transcend the normal features of ordinary ego-functioning. That is, stages of psychological growth, or stages of consciousness, that move beyond the rational and precedes the mystical.

Transpersonal psychology is a school of psychology that studies the transpersonal, the transcendent or spiritual aspects of the human experience. Issues considered in transpersonal psychology include spiritual self-development, peak experiences, mystical experiences, systemic trance and other metaphysical experiences of living.

Transpersonal sex is using sex to experience transpersonal states of being, providing profound transcendent states of consciousness -as utilized by so called "sacred sex" or Tantra paths/methods of enlightenment.

Transpersonal sexual service has a trained Sacred Intimate service provider who addresses and engages Eros and the body through sensuality and sex (at some level) in a sacred container that nurtures and catalyzes stages of human development and awareness beyond the personal and provides a felt sense of inspired connection to the web of life and the divine.

To serve transpersonally means to remove personal, Ego-based, choices and be equally accepting of serving whomever is before you without bias, prejudice or preference in your acceptance. It means offering sacred service from a place of transpersonal loving, unconditionally accepting all before you with love.

The service provider is always "at-choice" of whom to he/she will serve and that choice is not made from personal desires or preferences. A decision to decline service is based on the service provider’s reading of energetic matching (doing an honest check-in and getting clear about the energy alignment/misalignment) and not personal, Egoic, gratification or fears.

I am Sunyata Satchitananda, a Sacred Intimate and Priest of Eros and Beauty serving the Goddess of Love: Inanna-Ishtar-Aphrodite. My partner and I, Alorah, are transpersonal sexual service providers -we model and lead in the vast-land between nothing and sex, where we meet in erotic Exquisite Engagement, Soul-Gazing, Hand-Dancing, Breath-Kissing, and Mythic Embrace. Our emphasis is on intimacy and non-sexual practices that heighten Eros in your life and relationships. In our sacred sessions we also address the body and sexuality as an awakener to transpersonal states of consciousness and divine recognition.

Visit my web site for information about sacred sessions with the Divine Masculine and to request a session.

Love and Light,