Sunday, March 30, 2008

Divine Union - Peace in Our Garden

Here is a piece from the channeled book: "I Remember Union: the Story of Mary Magdalena" by Flo Calhoun
You can also hear me read this passage on my new voice blog entry on Snapvine:

I'm including it in my blog because, to me, it represents a prophesy of integration and unity. And this is where we are all heading in our personal evolution/ascension process. We need new prophesies and new understandings of old ones to lead us to this higher possibility of integration and wholeness -relating as divines...


There will be among all the people the peace of a million years of dreaming.

And it will come to pass that there will be no separation.

The people will rise together, young and old, female and male, and there will be equality.

And all nations shall be as stars shining from the same sky with the same intention: to light the way for mankind.

The days shall number years and millenniums, and it will come to pass that these moments are all the same, simultaneous.

Then all the knowledge and all the words of learning will be reborn into the awareness, and all will be understood.

The questions will be answered, the meanings known.

And there will be no more aloneness, for the people will reach out from their souls and their hearts.

And their visions will be of unity, truth, and order.

The ways of mankind will become the ways of the angels, and there will be the coming together of all ages in one moment.

And the learnings will at last be clear.

The people shall rejoice and dance within, and all the kingdoms shall rise together, as if from the mist of the dreams of humanity, and forge a union with the divine.

The way shall be lighted with the truth from the spheres.

And man shall join woman in the final dance of alchemy.

All despair shall be lifted and transformed into the rainbow of peace.

There shall be no war, no famine, and no pestilence.

For the Lord and the Goddess shall merge-and the night and the day.

All of the forces shall come together to signal the end and the beginning.

The belief of duality will be laid to rest, and all dichotomy shall pass away.

The people will remember and search no more.

Their feet and their hands, their hearts and their souls, shall merge within and without.

The microcosm shall become the macrocosm.

The moments shall merge to be experienced as time standing still.

Each moment shall embrace all desire and all need, fulfilling their greatest longings.

There will be no loss or abandonment, for all will be made known.

The Father and the Mother shall join hands across the sky, embracing all their children in the crystal light of being.

And they will rest forever,the children, in the bosoms of truth and love, and all else will pass away.

And so it is written.

And so it is.

Peace in our garden.

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