Thursday, April 10, 2008

Holding Space

Holding Space for someone means staying engaged and present with them while they undergo a process of self-inquiry and discovery of truth. The process can often be a rough one that includes emotional releases and a potential for volatile reactions.

To be the holder-of-the-space is an opportunity to see the divine unfold before you in new and dynamic ways. Its important to avoid feeding the wounded "pain-body" energy which often accompanies emotional releases. Don't take personally the emotion present. Support the higher consciousness as it appears with healthful words of encouragement and/or affirmation. When it is asked for, you might also provide comfort by holding hands or embracing -allowing the contact to flow undirected by you.

Often the energy turns downward in vibration, seeking its previous familiarity-with-discomfort. When you hold the higher-consciousness up as the higher potential you are like a light-house beacon that radiates the light of truth that releases the hold of the shadow in that moment. Clarity of focus returns and the process continues until completion.

Holding space in this manner often includes setting the example and pace with deep breathing -without "instructing"-merely gently encouraging (tactfully, without verbalizing if possible).

You may feel compelled to engage with the person having the process. Bring gentleness and consciousness to your engagement using loving words. Realizing that the person before you is experiencing a process that can be difficult to bear without emotional releases. Radiate Love to this person before you. Say what comes from your heart and don't engage with attempts to hook you into feeding the "pain-body" with heated emotional release.

You'll know when the space is no longer wanting to be held. Some deep, cleansing breaths are good to do at that time. Hugs seem to be a must-do. *smile*

Celebrate the higher consciousness and greater clarity.
Receive appreciation for your clear, strong, holding-of-space.

Recognize the divine in all that has transpired.
Love one another.

Sunyata Satchitananda

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