Tuesday, May 15, 2012

There is no height, no breadth, no distance, no immovable force that can separate us from Divine Love.
There is no height, no breadth, no distance, no immovable force that can separate us from Divine Love.

Friday, July 29, 2011

The Stranger

He is the unknown emissary of the gods, the initiator into sexual mysteries combining the physical and spiritual.” –Nancy Qualls Corbett in The Sacred Prostitute: Eternal Aspect of the Feminine

The phallus symbol, the potent masculine component of the female psyche is the “stranger animus” that initiates and catalyzes advanced states of consciousness and expanded levels of inter-relatedness and engagement, within the psyche and expressed outwardly between man and woman.

In ancient times, often it was the priest of the temple who initiated women into the sexual and spiritual rites dedicated to the goddess, and taught her the art of love-making.” (ibid) The Stranger-animus appears as priest, mediator of the divine and earthy-nature god, one who confirms, acquaints and familiarizes the natural aspects of fecundity and Eros in the expression of woman’s desire and connection to spirit.  Therewith experiencing, woman reaches a level of consciousness whereby her “feminine being” contains forces instinctively natural and spiritual, blended into a rich elixir of abundant expression.

“The Stranger” initiates a distinctive process whereby a woman reaches fulfillment and potentiality unknown in its absence.
  1. Repressed attitudes and roles that wound and limit feminine expression and experience are realized and released.
  2. The importance of beauty and sexuality are realized and accepted.
  3. Attitudes that debase the feminine are confronted and differentiated—between internal messages and judgments and outward influences of oppression.
  4. The goodness and acceptance of the Goddess and her devotee –the Sacred Prostitute (or Dakini) is realized, allowing and encouraging the woman to expand in the fullness of love, in service to the divine.
  5. Welcome and solicitation is extended to undeveloped aspects of the feminine Ego which become integrated and valued as a holistic awareness of self is developed.
  6. The Masculine aspect is welcomed and recognized as essential to independent femininity, strength, decisiveness, and action vital to both inner and outer relationships.
  7. All guilt is released. Guilt of “using” men, of inferiority, of jealousy, of competition; the woman stands complete, whole unto herself, virginal.
  8. Completion is felt, reveling in the experience of femininity and love, sovereign, delighting in the giving and receiving of being woman.
How does “The Stranger” do this?
It is through intimate connection that the stranger-animus may facilitate a woman’s awareness of the greatness in her being, her sexuality, her autonomy. It takes an actual man to concretize this experience.

The stranger’s eyes penetrate the woman’s inner being; his very presence awakens the dormant sacred prostitute and the sensuous feminine nature contained therein.”  “The stranger comes as an emissary of the divine, the moon goddess; if he is not welcomed; the goddess too is slighted and turns her dark side toward the woman. The consequence is that the woman remains cut off from her spirituality, which would contain and enhance her sexual nature.” (ibid)

Un-orchestrated, it is often the case that a literal stranger appears in the life of a woman to initiate her into these deeper realms of love and spiritual-erotic embodiment. Reemerging in today’s world is the Priest, or Daka, a spiritual-sexual-healer who consciously initiates and stewards a woman to intimate and profound connection of Spiritual-Eros embodiment. Without romance or overt plying or contrived intention on his part to save the woman from an empty existence, the Daka neither promises enduring relationship or planned, manipulated outcome—merely honest, simplistic, service and facilitation that releases and propels her to fullness of being and enlargement of expression.

By so submitting to “the Stranger,” and the unknown, is the unconscious loosened and the woman freed from maidenhood or dependency, and the compulsion to perform, gain, or keep a man’s attention as her security. Only thusly can she claim authentic connection with the goddess and accept in totality spirit’s life within her body as a full participant.

Women who are conscious of their full feminine being are free, and attentive to the wisdom of the heart. They trust and serve the wisdom of the body and its relationship to Eros, guided by spirit and instinctive nature.

The Stranger-animus is both an outward presence and inward reality that catalyzes growth and fullness of being. “Through it women come to realize their true instinctive nature as it unites with spirit, the male stranger, in the ritual of the sacred marriage.” (ibid)

Sunyata Satchitananda

Friday, July 15, 2011

Comprehensive Healing

In my Spiritual Counseling and Healing practice I facilitate a healing or restoration process from three separate domains: Spiritual, Energetic, and Psychoid (psyche—physical). I believe, for lasting and comprehensive healing/restoration to occur, all three of these dimensions must be addressed and integrated.

The goal of my counseling and healing practice is to restore the client to a sense of wholeness, original innocence, and holistic integration of Soul, Mind, and Body.

Spiritual Healing
Spiritual healing happens on the incorporeal plane and uses the cooperation and guidance of both my, and the client’s, etheric guides, higher self, ascended masters, guardian angels, animal spirit-helpers, elementals, and other benevolent etheric beings. Also known as Soul Retrieval or Karmic re-patterning, this process seeks to discover and reconnect on an esoteric level disparate parts of the self that are affecting the client’s ability to make progress, heal, or dynamically create.

The process includes “connecting” with these incorporeal entities and establishing linkages that take the form of triangles and/or pyramids of etheric energy. The connection and communication utilizes subtle energies of thought, intention, focus, and psychic awareness to channel guidance and information healthful to the client.

The spiritual healing technique I use involves holding the client in a container (a column, egg, or cone of light) and maintaining the focus and intention of “original: wholeness, virginity (complete unto oneself), and innocence.” By so doing, I receive messages and impressions of what is going on for the client and what would be beneficial to the client’s well-being and restoration of health —including what blocks their progress, experience, or expression. In sharing this information, the client’s conscious self is given esoteric knowledge previously unseen, or aware of, which can be consciously integrated and used to make informed decisions regarding behaviors, thought forms/judgments, and emotional blocks.

Energy Healing
Energy healing happens at the inter-dimensional plane connecting incorporeal and
corporeal —as it pertains to the client’s energy centers (Chakras), pathways (Nadis), and endocrine glands (transformers of etheric energy for the physical body).

As a Reiki Master, and Certified Tantric Healer, I work with the subtle and not-so-subtle power source of Eros, Life-Force energy. I “read” the energetic body and work with revealed blockages, contractions, or restrictions to energy flow in the passageways or energy centers—clearing and/or charging these. This often happens without touching the body, and sometimes gentle touch facilitates activation or release.

The container for the healing session also affects the nature and intensity of energy I work with. Reiki sessions are by nature very “soft” with subtle shifts and adjustments being felt by the client. Reiki energy healing focuses on allowing the wisdom of the client’s physical and etheric body, including his/her higher self, guides and divine direction, to steward and direct me during the session. I maintain focus and presence, holding a container of health and well-being, and respond to intuitive and divine direction for where to concentrate, or direct, the energy.

For Tantric Healing sessions, Eros is actively utilized to catalyze awareness and state changes that reveal the hidden blocks or woundedness that desire to be released, reclaimed and integrated. Tantric healing follows the axiom of Plato: Eros leads to Gnosis (self-awareness, knowledge). Eros is Life-Force energy that is specifically focused on connection—the connective aspect of engagement (the experience’s resonance or feeling rather than the “doing” that creates the experience). By activating and “following” Eros, the places where there is disconnection, contraction, or weakness are revealed. Eros “desires” to move, thrive, and be alive and empowered with a fecundity of new possibilities of connection; relishing and wallowing in the thrilling experience of that connecting and its aliveness.

The pinnacle of erotic connection is felt in orgasm with its ecstatic and rapturous vibration of nirvana (unity consciousness, all-connectedness) however, orgasm is not the goal or purpose of Tantric healing sessions. During Tantric Healing sessions places that are numb, “dead” in feeling, cold, non-responsive, turn up and are invited/allowed to consciously integrate with the totality of the client's being. Tantric Healing sessions involve movement, breath work, visualization, and erotic activation which includes touching the body. In so doing, the aliveness of Eros frees and releases, enlivens, activates, and enriches the energetic body—reconditioning and restoring connection, aliveness, and flow of energy.

Psychoid Healing (Psyche—Physical)
The physical body is the repository of psychological-emotional wounding and trauma. Psychology, as well as Hands-On body therapies attempts to address this condition in separate modalities. Recently, with the advent of “alternative healing” modalities and therapies additional approaches that combine both psychology and the physical have appeared.

A major tenant of Psychoid healing is to relax armoring —physical, emotional, and psychological barriers that prevent awareness and integration of disparate parts of the psyche that leave one feeling fractured, disconnected, and produces unconscious “acting-out” or avoidance behaviors that can sabotage relationships or creativity. By relaxing this armoring of blocked energy and releasing clenched or contracted places (physical and energetic) relief and restoration of mental-emotional-psychological health (leading to physical improvements too) is achieved.

The Psychoid healing process includes physical and verbal aspects that address the complex emotional-mental-psychological makeup of trauma-armoring. My practice includes a certain amount of “talk” therapy, counseling, that explores the narrative “story” associated with trauma and attempts to “create space”
(neutral detachment) from the overwhelming charge or compulsion associated with the trauma, issues or judgments that keep the client locked into repeated patterns or unconscious limiting beliefs.

Verbal transmission engages the Emotional Body, Mental Body, and Spiritual Body in an attempt to release armoring and thought forms that empower dis-ease and disharmony in the client.
a. Emotional Body by addressing feelings and fears.
b. Mental Body by addressing thinking and judgments.
c. Spiritual Body by addressing inner-truth and knowing one’s truth.

The physical body is integral to the healing process because it is the place where wounding is stored. Psychoid memory houses pain, fear, powerlessness, anger, rage, and a host of other emotional states. By relaxing the physical body through touch, massage, acupressure, caresses, and embrace—all of the other levels of armoring are facilitated to release. I utilize sensual massage in my healing sessions to relax and stimulate the body, as well as create a feeling of complete acceptance and unconditional love. When certain “private” areas of the body are omitted—subtle or overt feelings of shame, exclusion, or separation are felt by the client and this is counter-intuitive to the goal of healing and restoration. I apply loving and unconditionally accepting touch to the entire body that sends a message that he/she is entirely safe to be completely present and feel holistically connected to all “parts” of the self.

In Tantric Healing sessions, sensual massage is used to engage the physical body in a way that elicits sensual response that aids Eros to awaken and move throughout the “body.” Eros does much of the “work” in revealing, catalyzing, conditioning, and releasing blocked or clenched deposits of Psychoid memory wanting to be integrated, accepted and whole again. Some procedures, like Internal Pelvic Release involve gentle pressure (i.e. myofascial release touch) to intimate parts of the body where sexual wounding is often stored. This touch activates powerful releases of emotion, visions, and physical responses of relief, pleasure, discomfort, tremors, spasms, warmth, and release of tension/tightness.

As a Spiritual Counselor with over 25 years of experience, Certified Tantric Healer and Reiki Master, my healing sessions contain an integrated, synergistic, and complimentary combination of all the above in an effort to create comprehensive healing; a restoration to wholeness and a sense of original innocence and completeness for my clients.

Sunyata Satchitananda

The Healer's Manual: a Beginner's Guide to Vibrational Therapies by Ted Andrews
Hands-On Healing: A Practical Guide to Channeling Your Healing Energies by Jack Angelo
Esoteric Healing: A Practical Guide Based on the Teachings of the Tibetan in the
works of Alice Bailey by Alan Hopking
The Lightworker's Way: Awakening Your Spiritual Power to Know and Heal by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.
Journeying: Where Shamanism and Psychology Meet by Jeannette M. Gagan, Ph.D.
Shaman, Healer, Sage: How to Heal Yourself and Others with the Energy Medicine of the Americas by Alberto Villodo, Ph.D.
Touching: Body Therapy and Depth Psychology by Deldon Anne McNeely, Ph.D.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Dionysian Male

Two gods stand in contrast: Apollo and Dionysus. The Apollonian male is a “straight arrow,” circumspect and careful, hero of the patriarchy. Dionysus, to the patriarchal male viewpoint, is slightly mad, impulsive, off-balance, strange and associated with archaic sensibilities. These "gods" portray two versions of masculinity present in our culture as it undergoes a great transformation away from patriarchy and into equitable egalitarianism.

Psychologically, Apollo represents “solar phallos” identified by order and regularity. Dionysus’ intrinsic connection with femininity causes emotion with intensity, to feel rather than talk about feeling. To an intellectual Apollonian "male" separated from one’s feelings, such wantonness of emotion is unbearable. To a Dionysian, it is part and parcel to being, the consequence of spirit and flesh incarnate and embodied.

Dionysus was called the “womanly one,” the “womanly stranger” and the “man-womanish.” Women encircled his experience: Ariadne his wife, Semele his mother, Aphrodite his consort, Nymphs and Maenads his associates. Women expressed themselves in wild excitement during his rituals and festivals. Males in his stories were Satyrs, Centaurs, and Selini, lascivious expressions of masculinity mirroring the ithyphallic (erect phallus) representations of the god. Thus, Dionysus represents the carnal “underworld” and shadow connection to one’s unimproved nature –a primal connection to the depths of one’s being, a marriage of chthonic masculine and chthonic feminine in irrational orgy.

"The slightly mad qualities of Dionysus and his flock belong to psychic reality, and room must be made for them, whether or not Apollonians enjoy the coexistence. The fusion and confusion of masculine and feminine in the psychoid unconscious is expressed in the archetypal image of Dionysus." (from Phallos: Sacred Image of the Masculine by Eugene Monick)

Dionysian wisdom is beyond pure Apollonian understanding –being sourced from embodied experience. Dionysus is the transpersonal experience of life transcending personal ego and stoic scientific pragmatism and infused with embodied realism of natural experience. Only by giving way to such does one transcend intellectual impression with experiential psychoid (of the psyche and physical) reality.

The Dionysian male contains within himself not only masculine, but also strongly feminine qualities in a fusion of coexistence that integrates his unconscious and conscious expression of being in a holistic-androgynous expression of “male.”  He does not have a sexual identity problem –whether expressly heterosexual or homosexual in nature, he knows himself to be male yet he shares with women in a way that no Apollonian male can.

"The integration of chthonic phallos (with its overtones of the feminine) and solar phallos is the task of consciousness, a process inherent in the Dionysian image." (ibid)

The brotherhood of “male” is changing as men transmute patriarchal stereotypes of masculinity. While Apollonian masculinity favors patriarchal values of linearity and regularity, which serve Ego-personality –Dionysian masculinity favors equitable egalitarianism; integrating the vast resource of the unconscious with the conscious personality with inclusive synthesis thereof.

"New Consciousness, the movement beyond patriarchy, no longer requires diminishment of the feminine for phallic establishment. Masculinity finds its center as inner phallic reality. This, together with the anima, constitutes a restoration of wholeness in a male." (ibid)

The Dionysian male is psychoid-androgynous and chooses to incorporate an owned portion of the opposite gender into his dominant identity. "An androgynous person does not pretend to be a member of the opposite sex. An androgynous male will not repress his feminine characteristics, however much he may, at times, decide to suppress them. He knows that they are part of him, he has worked on his ego resistence to integrating them. He knows there will be times when he will choose to think and perhaps behave according to the "her" within him." (ibid)

Dionysus represents the possibility of masculine expression that includes chthonic phallos and its feminine aspects with Apollonian, solar phallos. To the extent that this takes place, a man moves closer to expressing unus mundus –the totality of masculinity in integrated expression– not burdened by patriarchal bias and limitation. The more Dionysus is accepted and represented in a man’s personality the more he expresses the holistic benevolence of this divine masculine archetype in its beatific totality.

Sunyata Satchitananda

Monday, June 8, 2009

Tantra transcends the Trap of Duality: Fear and Insecurity

We are a dynamic multidimensional being with the ability to perceive consciousness on different planes of existence -from the apparent density of 3d physicality to the subtlest etheric vibration of 'spirit' in higher dimensional realms.

The place most of us stop and focus awareness at is in the plane of duality-awareness embedded in 3d-physical existence. Duality is useful here as part of the decision processing necessary for manifesting anything in this dimension. Ego is closely tied to duality -as the chief filter and information processor of dualistic information (on-off, yes-no, good-bad). Duality, unfortunately, is also predisposed to support Fear (resulting from logical, self-preserving point of view) and thus the Ego has become laden with fear, and that fear has become humanity’s dominant influence of awareness.

Insecurity is a flavor of fear that many people carry with them. Cultural biases and fads instigate and support feelings of insecurity which are manipulated and leveraged to support commercial, consumer processes and cycles set up by the ego to assuage itself.

Spiritual practice focuses awareness on the expanded nature of self. As consciousness disengages from its embedded state in 3d-duality it expands to perceive the continuation of the body into finer, subtler vibrations of being. At these “higher” levels of awareness only a feeling of connectedness and love exists -there is no fear.

The dominant influence of awareness at these levels of being is something we have no word for in our common language. It’s a feeling of “always-is-ness,” a primordial being-ness, a complete and utter security of being -to the point that there is no question of the possibility of a threat existing. None of the common fears in 3d affect who we are at the higher states of being. There is no “time” period. Nothing ends, nothing began, everything exists at an energetic level -it is simply transforming and evolving consciousness.

All distinctions of a beginning and ending universe are subject to 3d reality and only exist in that dimension. The goal of spiritual practice is to reorient awareness to a higher level that maintains an always-is-ness confidence of being while “playing” in 3d manifesting and co-creating. Tantra, as a spiritual pathway, is remarkable for its capacity to use physical, 3d experience as both a doorway and catapult for consciousness expansion and reorientation to higher levels of being.

Tantric practices gradually transfer awareness from duality to unity consciousness. Tantric practice frees consciousness from the bonds of 3d by engaging this dimension’s fundamental aspect of physical pleasure: sex. Following its vibrational leading to subtler dimensions of spirit, consciousness is transformed and expanded by direct experience. From this higher-perspective of awareness, fear and insecurity can be consciously released as not serving the higher-good of the self; resting in the always-is-ness feeling of being. Thus Tantra effects the entirety of living, aiding the adherent in shifting dominant feelings from fear to confidence-of-being.

Sunyata Satchitananda

Friday, January 16, 2009

The Journey to Vitality and Wholeness: Sexual Healing - Emotional Integration - Erotic Empowerment

Are you frustrated by the repetition of unhappy relationships with similar patterns that prevent deep intimacy and trust?

Have you withdrawn from seeking intimacy and sex because its easier to be alone and celibate than deal with the drama and emotional pain of a “relationship?”

Are you hoping there is more to sex and intimacy than what your experience has been?

Do you long for a “spiritual” connection in your sexual expression?

Are you tired of the same dysfunctional sabotaging that pops up ruining your opportunities for intimacy and happiness?

Have you given up thinking you’ll find someone who really sees your beauty, your unique gifts, your divinity?

Are you plagued with thoughts and feelings of being not “good enough” or not desired by others?

People who have experienced trauma, abuse, sexual and emotional battering and wounding often feel they are in the situations described above. Adding to feelings of frustration is the thought of not knowing what to do or where to look for help with such intimate and private concerns.

Studies show that it is a rare exception to not have experienced the trauma or abuse and wounding mentioned above during one‘s lifetime. It seems most of us have embedded memories in our being of such experiences and it is these unprocessed experiences that subliminally effect our engagement with other people and the stories we tell ourselves about our life and relationships. Its only by processing and integrating these “shadow” aspects of one’s experience are we able to benefit from -instead of be at the mercy of- their energy and reclaim these alienated pieces of our self. Doing so brings relief and empowerment -a feeling of unity and wholeness pervades one’s being. Past situations and concerns that plagued us no longer inhibit or contract the experience of happiness and fulfillment we feel.

Energy Knots
Emotional, mental and physical trauma and abuse creates an acute experience which -understanding and acceptance of- is rejected as being unacceptable, frightening, and abhorrent. This rejection is a massive surge of emotional, mental, and physical energy that embeds in one’s being a clog of energy that acts like a sore muscle does when there’s a knot in it. These “energy knots” continue and can fester to greatly influence our life experience if not attended to.

Many people get by with coping skills that enlist anger, manipulation or dominance -or retreat into depression, self abuse, or acting out. Often feelings of low self esteem, worthlessness, unworthiness, and failure are unconsciously addressed by distractions: overcompensating with family, career, consuming hobbies, drug or alcohol abuse, overeating and/or indiscriminate sex. During our life experience whenever one comes up against a situation that triggers the wounding of the “energy knot” a reaction occurs with unconscious behavior or words that often creates the opposite of what is in one's best interest or desired as an outcome.

Many therapy modalities exist and most are implemented as a form of “talk therapy” -endeavoring to clear impacted emotional blocks and distortions through the mind‘s functioning. Talk therapy provides treatment and processing that can be effective on a mental level by providing some intellectual understanding, limited emotional level activation -and very little, if any, physical engagement. Alternately, most “body therapies” don’t consciously or purposely engage the emotions or seek to bring new consciousness into effect.

Healing Touch
When emotional wounding, abuse and trauma enters one’s awareness it triggers thoughts, emotions and physical feelings that combine to embed lasting tender spots in one’s psyche. Because the imprinting of abuse and trauma involves all three aspects of being, (emotional, mental and physical) the process of releasing emotional wounds and integrating their power necessarily involves all three aspects as well. Without this holistic approach to clearing, releasing and integrating blocked energy often only limited and temporary effects are felt.

Because many of the occurrences of abuse and trauma happen in connection with the sexual body (incest, rape, sexual abuse, molestation, sexual hazing) a healing modality that addresses this aspect directly in a therapeutic process is preferred. Sexual Healers (Daka, Dakini, Sacred Intimate, Intimacy Coach, Sexological Bodyworker, Sensual Guide) provide such a holistic health service with knowledge, expertise and experience in activating and addressing the emotional, mental and physical aspects of self in releasing and shifting blocked energies for a return to wholeness.

Sexual Healers
Sexual Healers provide safe space with sacred intention -holding precious the vulnerability of -and trust placed in them by- their client. A clear container that respects boundaries and adeptly guides the client to deeper layers of opening, acceptance, and releasing, provides the basis of a healing session. Sexual Healers work with one’s personal evolutionary impulse (entelechy) and help one to open up to what wants to be cleared, shifted, and released to create a new feeling of empowered completeness in the client.

Sexual Healers provide a feeling of safety, confidence, acceptance, non-judgment, inspiration and new possibility. They engage and activate the emotional body by a process that includes physical and mental stimulation catalyzing energy knots to release and open -allowing energy to flow freely again. By quieting the mind to release mundane concerns, guiding with a relaxed focus and simple visualization, and adding appropriate higher-consciousness, the mental component on the path to integration is addressed. By also engaging the physical body through sensual touch that both relaxes the body and stimulates erotic energy, the Daka or Dakini provides an effective means to loosen and shift energy knots into releasing and integration. The intention is not for sexual gratification, rather, erotic energy is enlisted for its catalytic and healing ability.

Sexual Healers function similarly to other alternative health service providers and counselors/coaches, setting up a program of sessions that addresses the unique circumstances of the client. Unwinding emotional energy knots and returning to wholeness and empowerment is a process that often requires more than one session for complete results to be felt.

The Journey "Home"
The journey to healing and wholeness is a process that contains feelings of accomplishment, relief and ecstatic joy -as well as aspects of anxiety, discomfort, and fear because these elements are entwined in the energy knot. When these knots are unraveled and released, significant discomfort (accompanying relief) can result. This can prompt the ego to challenge the wisdom of the path one is taking to heal and release these energy knots. The situation is similar to someone starting an exercise program for the first time -muscles that haven't been worked very hard begin to "complain" and one's resolve is challenged, often ending the exercise program and the good intentions of the individual. People who complete their course of healing and integration report feeling more beautiful, sexy, clear, attractive, confident, empowered, and whole. You, dear reader, are invited to look within and discover the places where you have contraction, restriction, or inhibition and seek guidance and a program of healing and integration so you also can feel the benefits of holistic health, emotional and psychological vitality, and be inspired to new heights of expression and well-being.

Sunyata Satchitananda
Spiritual Counselor, Daka-Sacred Intimate,
Certified Tantric Healer ~ Reiki Master

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sexual Healing: Internal Pelvic Release

Sexual Healing with Internal Pelvic Release

In Sexual Healing sessions, it is sometimes advisable that the Internal Pelvic Release procedure would be beneficial to the client’s progress in releasing stored and blocked energies. Internal Pelvic Release provides an opportunity to release and open “energy knots” (emotional-physical contractions) often stored in the pelvis, vagina and anus area. After thorough discussion and consideration of the Internal Pelvic Release procedure, informed consent is reached, allowing the session to proceed.
Sasha & Janet Lessin

Internal Pelvic Release procedure is one where the “yoni” (vagina) receives gentle probing, looking for places in the vaginal walls that are unresponsive, “numb,” or have some discomfort to touch. These locations inside the body often contain strong emotion associated with past wounding or trauma. The method used is reflective of Myofascial Release or Visceral Manipulation “light touch” alternative healing therapies.

Reasons for seeking Sexual Healing with Internal Pelvic Release

Due to rampant misogyny present in many cultures around the world, many if not most, women have experienced physical abuse, sexual trauma, rape, and/or molestation—as well as frequent episodes of mental and emotional abuse. More common are subtle forms of abuse that make women feel pressured to submit or accommodate the sexual gratification of their husband or lover when they don’t desire sex or aren’t fully open to sexual engagement. All of these circumstances produce contractions and restrictions of a woman’s energy and can create emotional-physical “knots” that reside in physical locations of the body.

The overwhelming, “bad experience” is stored in body-memory tissue located usually in the vagina, pelvis and/or anus areas of the body. These knots have the affect of clamping down a woman’s full enjoyment of sexual engagement and can create unresponsive or numb areas of the body. These energy-knots often affect sexual desire as well. Women who experience this condition may compensate or ignore their feelings of disconnect, numbness, pain or anger and “just go-along” with their husband or lover’s request for sex—further compounding their condition. This certainly takes a toll on a relationship—slowly eroding the intimacy and freedom of sexual expression she feels.

Internal Pelvic Release (a.k.a. “Yoni Healing”) is an important asset in sexual healing for women. To experience the full effect of flowing sexual energy it is essential that the energetic pathways of the body be prepared, clear and open. When this is the case, women feel empowered and free in their sexual expression and embodiment of Shakti (Divine Feminine) energy. They feel “lighter,” more enlivened, and experience expanded sensual sensitivity and orgasmic response to their lover’s attention. * additional article: Sacred Intimacy & Sexual Healing

IPR Procedure

  • The following description is for information purposes only and is not intended to completely equip anyone to perform this procedure. Anyone interested in performing the Internal Pelvic Release procedure should not attempt it without previously receiving personal instruction and guidance by an experienced teacher-practitioner.
  • No part of the Internal Pelvic Release procedure is meant to treat or cure disease—or replace regular medical practice or prescribed treatment by a physician.
  • Before beginning an IPR session it is important to have first had a thorough discussion about the procedure that allows the recipient to fully consider her options and authentically settle on, and approve, receiving the IPR procedure.
To create a holistic healing opportunity there first needs to be a sense of “space” (detachment or “neutrality”) around the issues causing contraction that are embedded like a memory in the body. Before beginning the IPR procedure, gently discuss past abuse, trauma, and emotional wounding with an intention of creating deeper understanding and achieving a measure of detachment. Encourage a perspective that holds the intention of releasing the contracted energy and emotion while opening to healing and restoring wholeness. With this accomplished, the physical aspect of the procedure has greater impact and is welcomed by the body.

To prepare the body, a full-body sensual massage is given. It is essential to deeply relax the body so its unconscious “armoring” (emotional-physical clenching/contracting) is lowered and energy is flowing more easily. Tantric energy skills are employed to open the energy pathways of the body in preparation for the energy flow that follows. Only when the body is readied in this manner will the Internal Pelvic Release procedure be affective.

Internal Pelvic Release

During the conversation discussing the IPR procedure, an important subject to cover is STD/STI (sexually transmitted disease or infection) exposures. Resulting from this discussion, and/or client preference, the healing facilitator may find it necessary to wear medical gloves to protect against STD/STI transmission. Medical gloves, while providing protection, also diminish detection sensitivity—so after frank and honest discussion, if the health history of the client (and healing facilitator) is clear, both parties might reasonably conclude that gloves are not necessary for the IPR procedure.

After sensually massaging the body, it is very important for the healing facilitator to ask permission before engaging the yoni. The woman receiving this procedure must feel completely at-choice, with nothing being “taken” from her nor having to submit to something she is not desiring or ready for. Ask permission and receive her verbal “yes” and then wait for her yoni to also “say yes” by its feel—open, receptive, welcoming.

The exterior of the yoni receives a sensual massage that is intended to relax the yoni and open her to receiving deeper contact and vaginal penetration. Signs the yoni is ready include: feels warm to hot, engorged tissue/lips, erect clitoris, abundance of fluids present. If the yoni is not responding, don’t force, push, or try to make something happen. Likely, there are emotions, judgments, or memories preventing her from relaxing or being a complete “yes.” Go slow and, through inquiry and counseling, be sensitive to making sure the emotional body is in alignment with the physical body and the woman’s intention to release, open, and heal.

When the yoni is prepared and ready to be entered and the healing facilitator receives consent to enter the yoni, do so with one finger (lubricated) and slowly, softly, gently probe the vaginal walls for areas of tightness, tenderness, soreness, or pain. When such areas are encountered, a gentle but firm pressure is applied (without “rubbing” or creating friction) merely meeting the contracted spot with firm-but-gentle pressure that equals the firmness of the contraction without trying to force it to release.

An adept healing facilitator will be able to energetically sense the contracted or “knotted” locations and bring his focus of energy while placing subtle pressure to that spot. The woman receiving is invited to focus her awareness on this location and “breath-into” it with the intention of allowing release, opening, healing to occur.

The physical process is reflective of Myofascial Release or Visceral Manipulation “light touch” therapies. The practitioner will hold gentle, consistent pressure until there is a release in the tissue. As the the vaginal wall tissue releases, there is a definite feeling of softening and opening that occurs—including an opening of energetic flow (often producing spontaneous undulations or spasms of pleasure). The release can often be accompanied by vocalization of strong emotion, sobbing tears, and/or physical reactions of shaking and sweating.

After one area is addressed, thoroughly “canvass” the rest of the yoni wall and address additional locations where energy knots occur—providing a “clearing” of the yoni. It is often necessary to receive more than one session for complete clearing to occur.

A Different Touch

The Internal Pelvic Release procedure is not designed to be sexual or provoke orgasm, although orgasms can occur during the procedure. In addition, the release associated with IPR is different from invoking female ejaculation. IPR and the sensual massage included with it is a touch that employs therapeutically applied erotic energy, transferring the intention of wholeness, complete acceptance, and well being.

The IPR procedure will contact tender, sensitive, and sometimes painful areas of tight, clenched tissue or muscle in the stomach, yoni and anus area. This touch is gentle—meeting the “tightness” with equal presence without resistance. The touch of IPR is meant to feel loving, supportive, and healing and promotes relaxation and welcoming of touch to this area —releasing any armoring or stiffness or numbness felt in the pelvis or genitals.

Benefits of Internal Pelvic Release

Enjoying sexual experience requires a woman’s sexual energy to flow freely without inhibition or contraction. The energy knots addressed by the IPR procedure are responsible for decreased sexual enjoyment and reduced ability to be present and feel sexual experience fully. By freeing these areas of the body from contraction it allows for the free-flow of sexual energy through the three lower “Chakras” (energy centers) in the body.

The Chakras are esoteric non-physical energy centers associated with areas of the body. These energy centers function as processors, transformers and distributors of energy to physically correlated organs, glands, and nerves in the body.

MuladharaThe Root Chakra (Sanskrit: Muladhara, located at the end of the tail-bone, represented by the perineum) is connected to one’s relationship with community, family, survival, feeling grounded and connected to Mother Earth Gaia. It is through this source all our material-physical manifestations come from; procreation/creation. The Root Chakra is said to be the dwelling place of dormant sexual energy.

SwadhisthanaThe Sacral Chakra (Sanskrit: Swadhisthana) is associated with the pelvis and genitals of the body and is connected to sexual expression and embodying “Shakti” (divine feminine energy) resulting in a sensuality of being. The Sacral Chakra is also associated with Eros, vital force, inspiration, creative spark, strong emotion, vitality, and vibrancy of life.

ManipuraThe Solar Chakra (Sanskrit: Manipura) is connected to personal power and the ability to manifest one’s dreams or intentions. The Solar Chakra is located about three fingers below the sternum’s end on the rib cage and is associated with the stomach. If you experience unusual tightness in the stomach area, cramping, bloating, or elimination issues, you might have Solar Chakra issues activated. Clearing this Chakra empowers one’s life with confidence, clear intention and ability to manifest one’s goals and desires.

By clearing these three Chakras from blockages, contractions and restrictions life becomes filled with vibrant energy, sensuality, confidence, and tremendous expanded erotic and orgasmic ability.


Completing the procedure involves holding space and staying present without trying to fix anything or stop any emotion from being expressed or released. The healing facilitator can offer support with his presence, eye-contact, holding hands, embracing the receiver as desired -or not- by her. Gentle, long strokes to the body are often welcomed. One hand present at the yoni (exterior) in support of releasing and integrating the energy can feel supportive and soothing. The other hand may gently stroke the body aura to bring the energy up and out through the body—onto whatever energetic disbursement Spirit’s wisdom has in store for it. Sometimes the receiver can become cold at this time, so it is good to have a blanket or sheet available. Compression squeezes through the covering are often welcomed—feeling deeply cared for and nurtured and warm.