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Comprehensive Healing

In my Spiritual Counseling and Healing practice I facilitate a healing or restoration process from three separate domains: Spiritual, Energetic, and Psychoid (psyche—physical). I believe, for lasting and comprehensive healing/restoration to occur, all three of these dimensions must be addressed and integrated.

The goal of my counseling and healing practice is to restore the client to a sense of wholeness, original innocence, and holistic integration of Soul, Mind, and Body.

Spiritual Healing
Spiritual healing happens on the incorporeal plane and uses the cooperation and guidance of both my, and the client’s, etheric guides, higher self, ascended masters, guardian angels, animal spirit-helpers, elementals, and other benevolent etheric beings. Also known as Soul Retrieval or Karmic re-patterning, this process seeks to discover and reconnect on an esoteric level disparate parts of the self that are affecting the client’s ability to make progress, heal, or dynamically create.

The process includes “connecting” with these incorporeal entities and establishing linkages that take the form of triangles and/or pyramids of etheric energy. The connection and communication utilizes subtle energies of thought, intention, focus, and psychic awareness to channel guidance and information healthful to the client.

The spiritual healing technique I use involves holding the client in a container (a column, egg, or cone of light) and maintaining the focus and intention of “original: wholeness, virginity (complete unto oneself), and innocence.” By so doing, I receive messages and impressions of what is going on for the client and what would be beneficial to the client’s well-being and restoration of health —including what blocks their progress, experience, or expression. In sharing this information, the client’s conscious self is given esoteric knowledge previously unseen, or aware of, which can be consciously integrated and used to make informed decisions regarding behaviors, thought forms/judgments, and emotional blocks.

Energy Healing
Energy healing happens at the inter-dimensional plane connecting incorporeal and
corporeal —as it pertains to the client’s energy centers (Chakras), pathways (Nadis), and endocrine glands (transformers of etheric energy for the physical body).

As a Reiki Master, and Certified Tantric Healer, I work with the subtle and not-so-subtle power source of Eros, Life-Force energy. I “read” the energetic body and work with revealed blockages, contractions, or restrictions to energy flow in the passageways or energy centers—clearing and/or charging these. This often happens without touching the body, and sometimes gentle touch facilitates activation or release.

The container for the healing session also affects the nature and intensity of energy I work with. Reiki sessions are by nature very “soft” with subtle shifts and adjustments being felt by the client. Reiki energy healing focuses on allowing the wisdom of the client’s physical and etheric body, including his/her higher self, guides and divine direction, to steward and direct me during the session. I maintain focus and presence, holding a container of health and well-being, and respond to intuitive and divine direction for where to concentrate, or direct, the energy.

For Tantric Healing sessions, Eros is actively utilized to catalyze awareness and state changes that reveal the hidden blocks or woundedness that desire to be released, reclaimed and integrated. Tantric healing follows the axiom of Plato: Eros leads to Gnosis (self-awareness, knowledge). Eros is Life-Force energy that is specifically focused on connection—the connective aspect of engagement (the experience’s resonance or feeling rather than the “doing” that creates the experience). By activating and “following” Eros, the places where there is disconnection, contraction, or weakness are revealed. Eros “desires” to move, thrive, and be alive and empowered with a fecundity of new possibilities of connection; relishing and wallowing in the thrilling experience of that connecting and its aliveness.

The pinnacle of erotic connection is felt in orgasm with its ecstatic and rapturous vibration of nirvana (unity consciousness, all-connectedness) however, orgasm is not the goal or purpose of Tantric healing sessions. During Tantric Healing sessions places that are numb, “dead” in feeling, cold, non-responsive, turn up and are invited/allowed to consciously integrate with the totality of the client's being. Tantric Healing sessions involve movement, breath work, visualization, and erotic activation which includes touching the body. In so doing, the aliveness of Eros frees and releases, enlivens, activates, and enriches the energetic body—reconditioning and restoring connection, aliveness, and flow of energy.

Psychoid Healing (Psyche—Physical)
The physical body is the repository of psychological-emotional wounding and trauma. Psychology, as well as Hands-On body therapies attempts to address this condition in separate modalities. Recently, with the advent of “alternative healing” modalities and therapies additional approaches that combine both psychology and the physical have appeared.

A major tenant of Psychoid healing is to relax armoring —physical, emotional, and psychological barriers that prevent awareness and integration of disparate parts of the psyche that leave one feeling fractured, disconnected, and produces unconscious “acting-out” or avoidance behaviors that can sabotage relationships or creativity. By relaxing this armoring of blocked energy and releasing clenched or contracted places (physical and energetic) relief and restoration of mental-emotional-psychological health (leading to physical improvements too) is achieved.

The Psychoid healing process includes physical and verbal aspects that address the complex emotional-mental-psychological makeup of trauma-armoring. My practice includes a certain amount of “talk” therapy, counseling, that explores the narrative “story” associated with trauma and attempts to “create space”
(neutral detachment) from the overwhelming charge or compulsion associated with the trauma, issues or judgments that keep the client locked into repeated patterns or unconscious limiting beliefs.

Verbal transmission engages the Emotional Body, Mental Body, and Spiritual Body in an attempt to release armoring and thought forms that empower dis-ease and disharmony in the client.
a. Emotional Body by addressing feelings and fears.
b. Mental Body by addressing thinking and judgments.
c. Spiritual Body by addressing inner-truth and knowing one’s truth.

The physical body is integral to the healing process because it is the place where wounding is stored. Psychoid memory houses pain, fear, powerlessness, anger, rage, and a host of other emotional states. By relaxing the physical body through touch, massage, acupressure, caresses, and embrace—all of the other levels of armoring are facilitated to release. I utilize sensual massage in my healing sessions to relax and stimulate the body, as well as create a feeling of complete acceptance and unconditional love. When certain “private” areas of the body are omitted—subtle or overt feelings of shame, exclusion, or separation are felt by the client and this is counter-intuitive to the goal of healing and restoration. I apply loving and unconditionally accepting touch to the entire body that sends a message that he/she is entirely safe to be completely present and feel holistically connected to all “parts” of the self.

In Tantric Healing sessions, sensual massage is used to engage the physical body in a way that elicits sensual response that aids Eros to awaken and move throughout the “body.” Eros does much of the “work” in revealing, catalyzing, conditioning, and releasing blocked or clenched deposits of Psychoid memory wanting to be integrated, accepted and whole again. Some procedures, like Internal Pelvic Release involve gentle pressure (i.e. myofascial release touch) to intimate parts of the body where sexual wounding is often stored. This touch activates powerful releases of emotion, visions, and physical responses of relief, pleasure, discomfort, tremors, spasms, warmth, and release of tension/tightness.

As a Spiritual Counselor with over 25 years of experience, Certified Tantric Healer and Reiki Master, my healing sessions contain an integrated, synergistic, and complimentary combination of all the above in an effort to create comprehensive healing; a restoration to wholeness and a sense of original innocence and completeness for my clients.

Sunyata Satchitananda

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