Monday, June 8, 2009

Tantra transcends the Trap of Duality: Fear and Insecurity

We are a dynamic multidimensional being with the ability to perceive consciousness on different planes of existence -from the apparent density of 3d physicality to the subtlest etheric vibration of 'spirit' in higher dimensional realms.

The place most of us stop and focus awareness at is in the plane of duality-awareness embedded in 3d-physical existence. Duality is useful here as part of the decision processing necessary for manifesting anything in this dimension. Ego is closely tied to duality -as the chief filter and information processor of dualistic information (on-off, yes-no, good-bad). Duality, unfortunately, is also predisposed to support Fear (resulting from logical, self-preserving point of view) and thus the Ego has become laden with fear, and that fear has become humanity’s dominant influence of awareness.

Insecurity is a flavor of fear that many people carry with them. Cultural biases and fads instigate and support feelings of insecurity which are manipulated and leveraged to support commercial, consumer processes and cycles set up by the ego to assuage itself.

Spiritual practice focuses awareness on the expanded nature of self. As consciousness disengages from its embedded state in 3d-duality it expands to perceive the continuation of the body into finer, subtler vibrations of being. At these “higher” levels of awareness only a feeling of connectedness and love exists -there is no fear.

The dominant influence of awareness at these levels of being is something we have no word for in our common language. It’s a feeling of “always-is-ness,” a primordial being-ness, a complete and utter security of being -to the point that there is no question of the possibility of a threat existing. None of the common fears in 3d affect who we are at the higher states of being. There is no “time” period. Nothing ends, nothing began, everything exists at an energetic level -it is simply transforming and evolving consciousness.

All distinctions of a beginning and ending universe are subject to 3d reality and only exist in that dimension. The goal of spiritual practice is to reorient awareness to a higher level that maintains an always-is-ness confidence of being while “playing” in 3d manifesting and co-creating. Tantra, as a spiritual pathway, is remarkable for its capacity to use physical, 3d experience as both a doorway and catapult for consciousness expansion and reorientation to higher levels of being.

Tantric practices gradually transfer awareness from duality to unity consciousness. Tantric practice frees consciousness from the bonds of 3d by engaging this dimension’s fundamental aspect of physical pleasure: sex. Following its vibrational leading to subtler dimensions of spirit, consciousness is transformed and expanded by direct experience. From this higher-perspective of awareness, fear and insecurity can be consciously released as not serving the higher-good of the self; resting in the always-is-ness feeling of being. Thus Tantra effects the entirety of living, aiding the adherent in shifting dominant feelings from fear to confidence-of-being.

Sunyata Satchitananda

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4 Freedoms Energy Sex in Conscious Relationship said...

Very interesting and love reading your articles. We are Pala Copeland and Al Link and we have been practicing Tantra since 1987. We will add an excerpt of this article to our blog.

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