Saturday, February 16, 2008

Homo Novus -the New Man: Divine-Masculine

OSHO on the New Man:
"The old concept of man was of either/or; materialist or spiritualist, moral or immoral, sinner or saint. It was based on division, split... Only a whole man can celebrate. Celebration is the fragrance of being whole...

The new man will not be either/or; he will be both/and...earthy and divine, worldly and other worldly. The new man will accept his totality and he will live it without any inner division, he will not be split... He will transcend duality...With the new man will come a new world, because the new man will perceive in a qualitatively different way and he will live a totally different life which has not been lived yet. He will be a mystic, a poet, a scientist, all together. He will not choose; he will be choicelessly himself...

He will be Zorba the Greek and also Gautam the Buddha: the new man will be Zorba the Buddha. He will be sensuous and spiritual, physical, in the body, in the senses, enjoying the body...and still a great consciousness. The old is on its deathbed. The death of the old will be the beginning of the new. Help the new to be born...with the new is the future of the whole of humanity. The new has to be brought in."

The New Man is appearing. He has been emerging for many years and is finally coming out of the closet. The success-driven patriarchal macho-asshole man of previous generations is giving way to a much more balanced expression of the masculine gender -one that reveals an integration of body-and-soul, sacred and profane, a Divine-Human (a He-moon) being.

The New Man is expressing more Divine Masculine aspects, connecting with the higher vibrations of being, thinking and speaking. These "divine" aspects are in harmony with the feminine, not in competition with her. They are also in harmony with our environment and ecology. The new man embodies divinity, giving full expression of the divine through the body in all its forms of communication, engagement and connection.

The New Man is about cooperation (not competition), acceptance (not judgment), transpersonally serving (not self-serving), attunes with the feminine (not intimidates her), nurtures spirit's presence (not destroys natural beauty).

Please join me in supporting this on-going shift in our culture to a new paradigm male expression. As you see such men emerging, please support them on their path with encouragement and acknowledgment for their shift of consciousness.

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